After 20 years of background as a dancer, choreographer, and artistic director in Italian National Television, and theaters throughout Europe and the USA, Mario Marchiaro founded Party Drag to bring professional entertainment to you.

“Working on creating dreams for my clients is my goal and pleasure. Performing in Japan, Sweden, Mexico, Greece, Italy and all in between, I have been bringing smiles and cheers to people the world over. Whether a large corporate party or a small intimate one, by paying attention to my clients’ needs I strive to make every event a success”.

Mario Marchiaro, the man behind the star, has 10 years of experience working on variety shows on Italian National Television as Principal.  He was also involved with the Italian national production of “A Chorus Line” as Performer, Assistant Choreographer and Line Captain.   For 3 years Mario worked on “Dance through Time” as Performer, Choreographer and Artistic Director.

Mario the Entertainer