Hollywood Femme Fatale

Excerpts from the show “Hollywood Femme Fatale”. It is like going to the movies with the characters jumping out of the screen and coming to life before your very eyes. Every show takes the audience on a wild ride leaving a smile on every face and a desire to see more. Cabaret, Titanic, Sunset Blvd., Moulin Rouge, Victor Victoria, Chicago, Mamma Mia.

This show will be performed live on October 13th, 2012. Get more information here!

“Hollywood Femme Fatale” Trailer

Reviews of “Hollywood Femme Fatale”

This was one of most amazing evenings yet. Chandalier knows how to put on a show. Loved it from start to finish.

As always, the performance was incredible. My favorite look was Norma Desmond 😉 I can hardly wait for the next “gathering”

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