I Didn’t Break a Leg

Chandalier’s solo show “I Didn’ t Break a Leg” is a tongue-in-cheek, humorous account of her journey from a small town in Italy to the American stage. The story is told through songs, fun video narrations and by an array of characters all played by Chandalier. Chandalier’s travels take her from a small town in which she was born (to parents who wanted a girl, not a boy) to Rome, Berlin and then America. The segues between the numbers consist of slide shows and videos produced by Chandalier Entertainment to help bring the story forward. Chandalier delights the audience with thirteen electrifying numbers with incredible costumes and breathless choreography including playing the accordion live. The show runs one and a half hours with an additional 20min. intermission.

“I Didn’t Break a Leg” Trailer

Reviews of “I Didn’t Break a Leg”

I was amazed by the energy pouring off the stage, you kept us all glued to our seats.

“The show was engaging, hilarious, entertaining and just plain fun. Thanks for the laughs.”

“My dear girl you were simply wonderful….never missed a beat….and to put such a One woman show on…. was unbelievable…”

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