The Christmas Show

Celebrate the holiday season with Mrs. Santa Clause and an array of Christmas tunes that will entertain all ages. You will laugh, you will dance, you will sing along with this colorful and fun show. Santa Clause and his elf also available.

“Christmas Show”











Reviews of “Christmas Show”

What a way to kick-off the Holiday Season. Chandalier and her many characters entertained us with laughter and amazing choreography. With the assistance of Santa Clause, Mrs. Clause compiled a list of videos and acts not to miss. From “A White Trash Christmas” followed by country holiday songs, to “Bring Him Home Santa” (a touching song from a little girl asking Santa to bring her dad home from the war), to “All I Want for Christmas is Jews” (Happy Hanukkah), Chandalier is a force to reckon with.

~Kerby Lampton, San Diego (The Christmas Show)

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