drag bingo

virtual bingo

My live virtual bingo format is with one opening number to break the ice and set the mood then go into the game, giving away outrageous virtual prizes (unless you have your own prizes to give away) and at the end closing the game with another fun performance. Total time is 1hr.  

I will send you the link to the free online bingo cards you can use online or print as well as doing a tech rehearsal on Zoom. You can have as many participants as you want.

Drag Bingo at your home

You can have Chandalier hosting a fun bingo game right at your house. She will start with an opening number to surprise everyone then proceed to call the numbers with funny jokes in between and lots of interaction with the audience giving away surreal virtual prizes. To conclude the hour, she will say goodbye with another wonderful performance. For all ages!

Lucy's Bingo

Everybody loves Lucy. Brighten up your party with Lucy’s outrageous Bingo Game. She will have you laugh while you play the game and top it all off with the world famous number Vitameatavegamin.